"The winery recovers the old Benedictine tradition of wine making at their monasteries."

The history of the Monastery of Corias has been tied, since its very foundation, to the cultivation of the and the development within the area, not just of cultivation but also of the winemaking itself, giving form to the patient work done by the monks in the vineyards that surrounded the monastery.

On the estate that surrounds the monastery, with its newly recovered vines, the winery, following many years of abandonment, has again become an integral part of the surrounding environment, offering perfect ambient conditions, complemented by its modern equipment, that allows for the meticulous and personalised care afforded the wines that are produced there.

The newly refurbished Monasterio de Corias winery includes vineyards, production winery, ageing cellars, tasting rooms… where the care taken of the vine, along with the meticulous harvesting and wine making, have ensured the rediscovery of the forgotten and singular Cangas wines.

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We are wine growers and wine producers, dedicated to the cultivation of the vine and making wines in the area of Cangas del Narcea, located at the far south-western tip of Asturias, in the very heart of the Denomination of Origin, Cangas.

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