Orujos and Jellies

The skins left over from wine making are subjected to a perfect process of distillation to create orujos of excellent quality, used to elaborate our different distillates.

Aguardiente de Orujo 70 cl

Orujo de Hierbas 70 cl

Licor de Guinda 70 cl

Licor de Arándanos 70 cl

Crema de Arroz con leche70 cl

Crema de Orujo 70 cl

Orujo de Miel 70 cl

From a selection of the region’s best wine presses we obtain our distillates of apples, with profound roots in the Asturian tradition.

Licor de Sidra Dulce 70 cl

Licor de Manzana 70 cl

(con manzanines)

Crema de Manzana70 cl

Only the best grape or apple distillates are subjected to a long aging process in good oak casks, obtaining liquors of limited production.

Aguardiente de Orujo 70 cl

(Reserva 5 años)

Aguardiente de Sidra

(Tipo Calvados)

Weddings and Celebrations

Aguardientes y Licores en un formato "especial" de 20 cl.

Aguardientes y Licores en un formato "especial" de 10 cl.

Estuche de 2 botellas de 20 cl.


The white and red wine jellies that we make from our wines are an ideal complement for the regions gastronomic products: these special elaborations serve as the perfect complement for cheeses, meats and fish.

De vino blanco

De vino tinto

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We are wine growers and wine producers, dedicated to the cultivation of the vine and making wines in the area of Cangas del Narcea, located at the far south-western tip of Asturias, in the very heart of the Denomination of Origin, Cangas.

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