"Monasterio de Corias wines, heroic wine growing"

The area of Cangas de Narcea can be found at the south-western tip of Asturias, concentrating the region’s most important wine growing and wine making heritage, maintained over the centuries by determined and hard working wine producers.


Steep valleys, formed over millennia by the Narcea River and its tributaries, where the winds, blown far inland from the sea, come up against the mountains of the Cordillera Cantábrica range, conferring on the area a unique and special micro-climate that ensures more hours of sun and a more moderate rainfall than the rest of the Region.

There is centuries-old documentary evidence of wine growing in the area. The building of the magnificent Benedictine Monastery of St. John the Baptist of Corias (Monasterio de Corias), dating back to the 11th century, which is currently one of Spain’s luxury “Parador” hotels, was associated, from the very beginning, with not only the cultivation of the vine and its development, throughout the area, but also the importance of making of the wine itself by the monks, work that was patiently done by the monks in the surrounding vineyards..



In this setting, within the estate that surrounds the monastery, its vineyards now recovered, the winery has been equipped with modern installations and yet maintains the spirit of patience and savoir-faire that the monks knew how to bring to the cultivation of their vines and the making of the wines.


Small plots of land that hold unique varieties, winemakers that for centuries, have striven to cultivate the vines in a very special wine-growing and winemaking landscape, which has managed to maintain its traditions while adapting to modern times.

The ancient vineyards, in this mountainous wine-growing area, perched on steeply sloping hillsides, with the slatey soils on which their centuries-old rootstock grows, forming a unique landscape.

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We are wine growers and wine producers, dedicated to the cultivation of the vine and making wines in the area of Cangas del Narcea, located at the far south-western tip of Asturias, in the very heart of the Denomination of Origin, Cangas.

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